Best Before

It is one minute to midnight and a young couple are quickly running out of time.

Matthew McVarish — Mark
Kirsty Strain — Anna

Mark Boggis — Director / Director of Photography
Pete Goldsack — Writer / Producer
Marcin Knyziak — Sound Recording / Sound Editing
Chris Merchant — Original Music
Jonathan Wright — Focus Puller
John Rae — 1st Assistant Director
Kevin Gilmour — Titles / Visual Effects

— Screenings —
Whirlygiggles (March 2012), London
The Thief of Brisco Presents.., (October 2011) Edinburgh, UK
CineMadtic (September 2011), Manchester, UK
Cinefringe 2011, Edinburgh, UK (Shortlisted)
Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2011, UK
Rob Knox Film Festival 2011, London, UK
Feast on Film, London, UK (May 2011)
British Independent Film Festival 2011, Poole, UK
Festival International des Tres Courts, Paris, France
Rincon International Film Festival 2011, Puerto Rico
Sunday Screenings at The Antelope, London, UK (March 2011)
The Iron Mule, New York, USA (March 2011)
Shooting People (Film of the Month February 2011 Finalist)
Short Cinema, London, UK (February 2011)
British Shorts Film Festival 2011, Berlin, Germany
Shorts Non Stop, Canada — (October 2010 Finalist)
Anchorage International Film Festival 2010, USA
Vancouver DSLR Film Festival 2010, Canada — (3rd Prize Winner)
The Smalls Short Film Fest 2010, London, UK — (Runner Up Under 5 Minutes Category)
Odd’s Mini Cine Picture Show, Manchester, UK