Francis Macdonald | Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

In November 2016 I was approached by musician and composer Francis Macdonald to film the recording of his classical album ‘Hamilton Mausoleum Suite’. The album was to be recorded inside Hamilton Mausoleum, which has one of the longest echoes of any man-made building in the world.

I cannot accurately describe the warmth and richness of the sound in that space as it encapsulated us during recording. It’s something which must be experienced first hand. I feel incredibly privileged to have done so.

Producer – Francis Macdonald
Director – Charlie Francis
Cinematographer – Mark Boggis
Aerial Photography – Andy Lenihan
Composer – Francis Macdonald
Musicians – John Davidson, Sharron Griffiths, Emma Peebles, Justine Watts, Stewart Webster
Sound Engineer – Iain Hutchison
Editor – Charlie Francis
Visual Effects – Stewart Macpherson

Thanks to Linda Barrat and her staff at Hamilton Low Parks Museum.